What is the timing of Bhurunki Panchayat, Because 10.30 is There, No Officer is Present Here

Activist says he
was assaulted
by GP staff

A social activist has said
that a panchayat worker as-
saulted him in Bhooranaki
village near Khanapur in
Belagavi district.

Jyotiba Bendigeri, a RTI
activist and social worker,
heard that the gram pan-
chayat office in Bhooranaki
village was closed and no
officer was available. He
went to the office on Thurs-
day to confirm it.

He found it locked and
he took pictures and re-
corded a short video of the
closed office. He sent the
pictures and videos to se-
nior officers of the zilla pan-

Ashfaq Jamadar, compu-
ter operator of the gram
panchayat, who was sitting
at a nearby shop, heard of
this and tried to stop Mr.
Bendigeri from sending the
pictures to the senior offic-

But Mr. Bendigeri did not
stop and sent the files any.
way. Mr. Jamadar abused
Mr. Bendigeri and pushed
him around. He threatened
to teach him a lesson for in-
sulting the gram panchayat
staff and getting them into

Mr. Bendigeri has lodged
a complaint against Mr. Ja-
madar at the Nandagad Pol-
ice Station.

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